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Fast Facts

  • 300,000 Chinese tourists traveled to the UAE last year and spent $334 million, making them the most lucrative group for the UAE.

    Source: MasterCard
  • 2/3 of all Chinese citizens use the internet as the main channel to get tourism information.

    Source: Data Center of China Internet
  • 85% of China’s population with over $1million  have plans to send their children abroad to study.

    Source: Industrial Bank Co. and the Hurun Report
  • In 2011, 77% of all applications for investor visas to the USA were Chinese citizens.

    Source: U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
  • 70% of Chinese citizens find hotels using the internet.

    Source: Data Center of China Internet
  • In USA, an average Chinese tourist spends $7,000 per stay, more than any other nationality.

    Source: US State Department of Commerce
  • In 2010, the average per capita spending of Chinese tourists in France was 33% higher than Americans and 36% higher than Japanese.

    Source: China Tourism Academy
  • Chinese accounted for 62% of all luxury purchases in Europe and 33% of such spending in the US.

    Source: China Tourism Academy
  • Chinese citizens made 70 million trips abroad in 2011, up more than one fifth on 2010′s total of 57.4 million.

    Source: China Tourism Academy
  • The Chinese outbound market is developing at a pace unparalleled in the history of the travel and tourism industry.

    Source: Giovanni Angeli, Former CEO of Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts
  • Last year, Chinese tourists contributed $877 million to New York City’s economy, with the average spending of $3,297 per tourist per trip.

    Source: New York Convention and Visitors Bureau
  • A recent survey of nearly 1000 Chinese millionaires showed 60% of them were thinking about or have already decided to leave China.

    Source: Bank of China
  • Nearly 1.1 million wealthy Chinese tourists visited America in 2011.

    Source: US Commerce Department
  • In the past 6 months (October to May), US Consular officials in China issued 46% more visas than the previous year.

    Source: US State Department
  • 80% of millionaires in China do not prefer group travel. Over 60% make reservations on their own.

    Source: Harun Rich List Authority

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US Department of Commerce

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