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7 Friendly Hotel Amenities That Attract Chinese Tourists

June 17, 2017

Chinese tourism growing by leaps and bounds. In 2015, the number of Chinese tourists visiting the United States increased by 18 percent to 2.59 million and spent $27 billion. What can your hotel do to make itself more attractive to the record-breaking numbers of Chinese tourists expected to visit the US in 2017?

First, you need to understand who the typical Chinese tourists are. Typically, they are leisure travelers, not business travelers. They are newly wealthy and interested in higher-end amenities but are also looking for luxury at a bargain rate. They most often choose the lowest rate among 3-5 star hotels. To increase the number of Chinese guests you accommodate, consider special rates or experiences.

Safety is a primary issue for travelers from China. They want to know that the hotel that they choose is in a safe location and has safety procedures in place to make them feel comfortable and secure. In your marketing, you should emphasize security amenities provided, including security guards, CCTV, and RFID locks.

Staying connected is important to most travelers, and Chinese tourists are no exception. Nearly 75 percent of Chinese tourists look for free Wi-FI, and not providing it discourage your customers to stay. Do not be tempted to skimp on bandwidth, and make sure your Wi-Fi is available in the lobby as well as in all hotel rooms.

One simple amenity most hotels neglect to provide for their Chinese guests is easy access to hot water — not for a shower — but in a kettle. Chinese tourists enjoy having a cup of tea or a bowl of noodles after a long day in town or in the morning before heading out. It is often impossible for them to do so in their hotel room unless they go through the trouble of calling and inquiring.

The majority of Chinese tourists also appreciate a hotel with an on-site restaurant and shopping, if possible. Adding Chinese food choices to the restaurant menu and/or the breakfast buffet is also a good way to entice mainland China tourists.

If you really want to take your accommodations of Chinese tourists to the next level, you may consider hiring a staff person who speaks Mandarin so they can communicate and interpret if needed. This helps both your business and the tourists, as they will feel more comfortable and secure without the language barrier.

Finally, having social presence on Chinese social media is vital. While potential Chinese tourists will ask their friends for advice, they will also check social media such as WeChat or Weibo. It is also important to know that Baidu is the number one search engine in China. In order to get your message out to visitors from China, you need to have a Baidu presence through articles on sites like or other major tourism sites. Your online reputation is very important while promoting to Chinese tourists.

Chinese tourists have many choices for lodging in the United States. Make your hotel stand out by learning their needs and preferences, and accommodating them wherever possible.