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China Friendly Hospitality Seminar

November 14, 2016

On November 2nd, 2016 Downtown Alliance and Attract China IMG_0805together with industry colleagues held the CHINA FRIENDLY HOSPITALITY SEMINAR in New York.

Sarita Dan, Director of Strategic Marketing & Tourism Alliance for Downtown New York opened the event with a warm welcome and overview of the day’s activities.

Mavis Zheng, Vice President SinoMedia gave an insightful talk about WHY CARE ABOUT CHINESE TRAVELERS? — Joanna Crain, CEO WCT Events shared WHAT MAKES THIS GROUP UNIQUE?  — and Pierre Gervois, Founder & Publisher STC Magazine covered “HOW TO GET IT RIGHT.”

The afternoon continued with a panePhoto Nov 02, 10 59 25(1)l discussion that included Jeff Fish, Co-Founder & Global Head of Client Strategy Momentum Group, Pierre Gervois, Founder & Publisher STC Magazine, Jing Li, CEO & Founder Jingli US and Mavis Zheng, Vice President SinoMedia.  Later, Niki Xu, Customer Success Consultant Attract China gave her own personal take on attracting Chinese tourists before David Becker, CEO Attract China wrapped up the event with a look forward and talked about WHERE TO GO FROM HERE?

Kudos keep coming and exceptional value continued to be recognized by all who attended!

Here’s a glance at the backgrounds and experience of the industry professionals who shared their knowledge throughout the day’s sessions:

Mavis Zheng is Vice President of SinoMedia Global and is well known throughout China’s outbound tourism industry. Prior to joining SinoMedia Global, Mavis was representative agency for the Brand USA China Office, with responsibility for marketing strategies, budget control, and PR and travel trade activities in China. Previously, Mavis was as General Manager of the Canadian Tourism Commission for 8 years and was responsible for CTC’s operations throughout China. Website:

Joanna Crain is CEO of WCT Events, a destination and events company based in Beijing, China. WCT bridges the cultural divide for executive and VIP travelers to and from China. After 8 years in Beijing, Joanna and her family have recently returned to Fort Worth. Website:

Pierre Gervois, Founder & Publisher of the STC magazine, CEO of China Elite Focus Magazines LLC (New York); Industry expert and keynote speaker about marketing to outbound Chinese tourists. Pierre Gervois lived in Shanghai from 2007 to 2013 and founded in 2008 the Shanghai Travelers’ Club magazine (or STC magazine), which was the first Chinese Mandarin luxury travel publication for high net worth Chinese outbound travelers. Author of the book “How U.S. Retail, Travel and Hospitality Industries Can Attract Affluent Chinese Tourists” (2012). Website:

Jeff Fish is the Co-Founder and Global Head of Client Strategy at The Momentum Group. He helps TMG customers launch successful China marketing campaigns leveraging WeChat. Jeff has worked with a variety of organizations, from hospitality to financial services, and is a frequent speaker on the implications of content marketing at global scale. He has a seasoned background in social networking, content marketing, mobile strategy and emerging technology. Website:

Li Jing is the CEO and founder of JingLi US, a leading global marketing and business investment firm in New York.  It connects top 1% of US and China in business, media and technology as well as helps Chinese in overseas business investment. Under Ms. Jing’s leadership, the company has grown rapidly and successfully served clients and partners including IBM, GE, Elliman, Fox, NBC, Google, Morgan Stanley, Flatiron Hotel, Dai & Associates, Sina, and General Agriculture. Website:

Niki Xu was born in Guangzhou, China and moved to United States at the age of 13. She is fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin and English and has completed researches in Statistics, Marketing Performances, Behavior Psychology, Sociology, and Economics. With interest in understanding consumer behavior and its impact on business, Niki currently works as customer success consultant and manages product development, as well as supports sales and marketing efforts. Website:

David Becker, CEO, has 18 years of experience in the digital industry and is a serial entrePhoto Nov 02, 13 22 57preneur. He is skilled at taking start-up companies to the next level. Key successes include the public listing of the game show company, which had a peak valuation of $1.1BN. David has an MBA from New York University’s Stern School of Business. Website:

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