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Get Chinese Tourists Off The Beaten Track

July 27, 2017

Chinese tourists comprise a huge percentage of the visitors who travel to major destinations around the world. Still, travel is fairly new to most Chinese middle-class tourists.

It is  not a surprise that most Chinese visitors to the United States still lean toward the major sites. Here are a few tips to encourage Chinese travelers to visit more than the congested tourist magnets:

Partner with well-known Chinese key opinion leaders (KOLs)

Key opinion leaders are extremely important when marketing to Chinese consumers. KOLs are individuals who have large followings on China’s popular social media channels and hold influence over consumer purchasing decisions and travel practices. By working with a KOL, businesses effectively reach a target audience of thousands of followers on popular social media channels such as Weibo and WeChat.

Open WeChat and Weibo accounts

WeChat and Weibo accounts are a must for any business conducting outreach to Chinese tourists. WeChat is extremely popular in China, and tourists rely on it for decision making about travel habits or practices. Opening accounts on popular Chinese social media will reinforce your efforts with KOLs but will also open direct lines of communications with Chinese tourists visiting a city near you.


Tap into popular conversations on social media

Eye-catching content is not enough for Chinese tourists. To really draw attention, you should join the conversations online. This can be done through engaging followers, asking questions, responding to requests, and generally interacting with other users. Basically, the more involved the better. Language isn’t always a barrier. Many Chinese, especially those inclined to travel to the United States, study English.

Partner with Chinese tour operators

Travelers often work with tour operators from China who help book vacations to hot spots. Partnering with a Chinese tour guide is a great way to reach new clients, especially if you’re not already part of the major tours. The tours give vacationers a way to visit a new place without worry as a guide goes along for the trip to make sure everything runs smoothly.


Tell a compelling story about the destination

Chinese tourists want to travel to places they can discover. Pique their interest with a compelling story about your business, culture, and role in the community.

Tell tourists to share the cool things they did at your business

Encouraging people to post cool things from each destination helps others develop an idea of what a vacation to the destination would be like. Invite each traveler to post photos and stories about trips, especially things that are interesting or unique. Use a creative hashtag to encourage people to share so you can track user engagement or pull up related content.

The number of travelers from China to the United States will continue to grow. The above suggestions will help build a healthy following of Chinese travelers. In today’s technology driven world, finding ways to connect with consumers through social media is essential.
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