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July 9, 2013

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Chinese FIT Online Presence Review and Analysis

The following program is designed to completely review and analyze your destination’s current Western approach and its applicability to the Chinese traveler. This includes a strong focus on content, online search, and social media, in addition to what assets your destination has that would appeal to Chinese the most.

In developing this review and analysis, Attract China worked with Active America China to craft services that destinations must embrace before pursuing a full-on Chinese marketing campaign.

Please contact either Jake Steinmen of Active America China ( or Evan Saunders of Attract China ( for more information on this program.


Summary of Proposed Packages: Review and Analysis – Overview

1) Base Impact Review and Analysis Package

The Base Impact Review and Analysis Package focuses on the foundation of any marketing campaign your destination is pursuing that is directed towards Chinese travelers. This package embraces four critical touch points:

  1. Destination: Your destination’s overall attractiveness and main assets for Chinese
  2. Language Localization: The most important language to localize into Chinese
  3. Website Optimization: Your website and how Chinese perceive and access your site
  4. Social Engagement: How to apply your current social media campaign to Chinese

2) Max Impact Review and Analysis Package

The Max Impact Review and Analysis Package focuses not only on the four main points in the Base Impact Package, but goes one step further in each section.

  1. For Language Localization, we not only analyze the destination and provide suggestions, our team in Beijing also creates a finely crafted and fully market tested Name, Tagline, and Brand Story.
  2. For Website Optimization, we do indepth analysis on, “China’s Google,” providing you with the real results that Chinese are currently finding not only in relation to your destination, but also your competitive environment.
  3. For Social Engagement, we provide you with a full overview of literally what Chinese are saying about your destination online – if there is buzz about you, positive or negative, our team will find it.


Summary of Proposed Packages: Review and Analysis – Chart

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