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Attract China 2015 Predictions Featured in eTurboNews

December 23, 2014

chinese-new-yorkBased on proprietary research, Attract China, The Leading Gateway to the Chinese Traveler, predicts the top five trends in China’s outbound travel market for 2015, which is featured in an eturboNews article on December 19.

From the article:

“…It is predicted that in 2015, 140 million Chinese tourists will go abroad, spending more than $188 billion. The US tourism industry can expect to see as many as 2.85 million Chinese visitors in 2015, where they will spend more than $15 billion dollars. As the growth in Chinese tourism impacts the hospitality and travel industry, it’s more important than ever for hotels, restaurants, retailers and destinations to understand the wants and needs of the independent Chinese traveler.…”

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