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Attract China Announces Expanded Distribution Partnerships in China for its Bilingual (Chinese-English) U.S. City and State Guide Maps

October 31, 2016

–Attract China’s guides are the ultimate resource for Chinese travelers, for concierges serving Chinese guests, and for hotels, shopping venues, restaurants, attractions and tour operators seeking to attract Chinese tourists.–

–Already in New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Boston and Chicago and coming soon to Utah–

20160824_184520NEW YORK – (October/November 2016) – Attract China, the leading gateway to the Chinese traveler, is pleased to announce valuable new distribution partnerships for their high-demand bilingual (Chinese-English) language city guide maps of New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Boston and Chicago. The company will also soon be launching a new bilingual map of Utah. Attract China’s exciting new distribution agreements place the guide maps directly into the hands of hundreds of thousands of Chinese travelers while they are making itinerary decisions and before they arrive in the U.S., thereby generating valuable brand awareness for hotels, shopping venues, attractions, and tour companies seeking to attract the fast-growing outbound Chinese tourist market.

Through two new distribution agreements between Attract China and Chinese partners, the company’s guide maps are now being delivered to Chinese travelers at the same moment these tourists receive their new U.S. visas. Additionally, Attract China has contracted with a Hainan Airlines group company to give out maps in important first and second tier cities: Shanghai, Guangzhou, Changsha, Chengdu, Chongqing, Haikou, Kunming and Sanya. The guides will be displayed and used in travel agencies, ticket offices, and airport counters, among other sites. Meanwhile, Attract China will continue to make its handy bilingual maps available at hundreds of U.S. hotels.

Attract China’s pocket-sized city guides feature relevant city landmarks in an easy-to-use, bilingual format in order to help Chinese tourists’ navigate new cities comfortably and confidently. The colorful, passport-sized foldout guides — which Attract China gives free to hotels — are also useful for concierges, who use the maps as a tool for communicating with and serving their Chinese guests. Concierges report that they are delighted to be able to easily direct their clients to the best of their city’s shopping, attractions, restaurants, tours, and more.

Not only are the maps a great tool for concierges and Chinese tourists, the guides also help Attract China’s marketing partners tell their brand stories to the lucrative Chinese tourist market.  Attract China invites local businesses in each city to take out advertisements in the guides, helping increase awareness of and drive foot traffic to these businesses. Attract China prints a new edition of each of the city and state maps every six months in order to keep content fresh and relevant to visitors.

Simultaneously, Attract China has increased its digital marketing abilities, enabling its partner businesses to reach deeper into the Chinese tourist market. The front cover of each map features a QR code that leads Chinese users to Attract China’s expanded Chinese-language travel portal – – where travelers can explore attractions and discover valuable travel information. Meaning “Happy Travels” in English, the new highlights tailored itineraries, hotel and restaurant recommendations, and cultural calendars to better serve Chinese Millennials and the growing independent Chinese traveler market.

“We are thrilled to present hotels, restaurants, stores and attractions with the ideal channels to effectively create brand awareness and engagement with Chinese independent travelers. Our platforms enable brands to reach Chinese tourists while these people are still in the planning stage of their travel as well as once these travelers are in North America, catering to them in their language and presenting them with the information they are looking for in their preferred formats,” said David Becker, CEO of Attract China. “The expanded distribution of our guide maps within China as well as in the U.S. and the ever-growing reach of our travel portal in China both help our partners profit from the growth of the Chinese consumer traveler market. The goal is to showcase the best that each city has to offer and to provide the greatest experiences for Chinese travelers–while supporting our client partners with the resources and effective channels to attract new and repeat business from Chinese travelers.”

For U.S. businesses interested in reaching high-spending Chinese tourists, additional information about partnering with Attract China is available at

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