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Attract China Announces Hotels of NYC Destination Program

June 1, 2013

For Immediate Release

Contact: Michael P. DiCarlo
Attract China


New York City, May 30, 2013: Evan Saunders, CEO and Co-Founder of Attract China LLC today announced its Destination Feature Program for New York City Hotels with a focus on serving Chinese travelers actively researching and booking hotels online, driving business to participating properties.


Nearly 500,000 Chinese travelers visited New York City in 2012; with an average spend over of $3,200 per tourist per trip, they are one of the most important inbound markets to New York. The number of Chinese visitors to New York City  is expected to grow to greater than 1 million by 2016 and estimates 59% of all travelers visiting are independent.

“Reaching the Chinese traveler can be a complicated and expensive process,” states Evan Saunders, CEO of Attract China. “With our destination approach, we enable New York City hotels to target Chinese travelers and drive business cost-effectively without getting tied up in the Chinese Firewall.”

According to well-known hotel marketing expert and Attract China Chairman Melinda Bush, “The Attract China Destination Program allows hotels in New York City to compete on equal footing with their competition and do it with the proven editorial expertise of Attract China editors who promote New York as a Destination through its unique Attract China Portal.”

“There’s no guesswork on what to do to reach the Chinese traveler,” states Samuel Goodman, President of Attract China and 18-year Beijing resident. “It’s all mapped out for you by our experts with their proven, success formulas on what works.”

Attract China and its Beijing based team of experts are creating beneficial, long term relationships between their clients and Chinese travelers through the use of a portal – not a website – that communicates to the Chinese on their terms.  As such, its focus on New York will highlight all of the major hotels in New York from the major brands to the smaller independents.

The Attract China team of experts, led by CEO Evan Saunders, will be in the New York City market for the month of June to discuss how hotels and attractions can participate.


Attract China, headquartered in Boston and with an office in Beijing, is The Leading Gateway to the Chinese Traveler. Attract China was Co-Founded in 2011 by world-renowned author, seasoned market entry strategist, and 18- year Beijing resident, Samuel Goodman, along with online marketing expert and creative content specialist, Evan Saunders. Attract China helps destinations build awareness, buzz, and drive business from Chinese travelers using a variety of online platforms.

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