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Attract China CEO, Evan Saunders featured on CCTV America

February 21, 2015

Evan Saunders, CEO & Co-Founder of Attract China, was interviewed by CCTV America on February 19, sharing insights into American companies’ effort to lure Chinese visitors during the Lunar New Year.

While Chinese New Year is traditionally about family reunion, more and more Chinese people plan to travel abroad during the holiday and spend their money along their way. Local businesses in the U.S. are celebrating the Lunar New Year with Chinese tourists, hoping to attract more Chinese visitors to their stores.

“[Independent Chinese tourists] really want to go deeper into [U.S.] cities, and experience the best that the America has to offer.” said Evan Saunders during the interview, “When they are here [in the U.S.], they are not as price conscious. They really don’t want to look at the price being a factor whether they can do something or not. They are so exciting to be here, so exciting to get involve, and so exciting to make memories last their lifetime that they don’t just focus on prices that much when they are on the ground.”

Watch the interview in full here: