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Attract China CEO Evan Saunders Interviewed on CCTV America

June 11, 2015

Evan Saunders, CEO & Co-Founder at Attract China, was interviewed by CCTV-America’s Asieh Namdar on June 8 about attracting Chinese tourists for U.S. business.

In the interview, Evan talks about the increasing number of Chinese tourists to American destinations and the changing trends in Chinese tourist travel. He also gives practical tips to American companies who want to make their business successful and attract high-spending Chinese travelers.

“Fast forward about 10 years ago, China was very low on the amount of international travelers coming to America,” said Evan. “Fast forward to 2021, U.S. Secretary Penny Pritzker says that this year 7.3 million Chinese will visit America spending up to $18.5 billion.”

View the interview on CCTV-America.