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Attract China in China Daily Re The First Mandarin Map

April 29, 2014

Evan Saunders, CEO & Co-Founer of Attract China, was quoted by China Daily in their article entitled “Chinese Tourists Get a Map of Boston in Chinese” on April 26. The article introduces the first Chinese-language map of Boston created for Chinese tourists  by Attract China.

Betty Salemme, chief concierge of The Seaport Hotel, handing a customer a new Chinese-language map of Boston put together by Attract China. Boston is seeing an increasing amount of Chinese travelers.

“The map, which was made available throughout the city last week, is the work of Attract China. The company helps clients market their products to Chinese tourists and the map of Boston is its first such product. Boston is the largest city in New England and the sister city of Hangzhou, China.

‘We realized that there were businesses in America that offer 5-star experiences that the Chinese don’t really know about,’ Saunders told China Daily. ‘We simply wanted to connect those dots and ensure the Chinese can have an equally exciting time at other locations that they may not know much about.’ “

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