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Attract China Featured on Fox News

January 21, 2015

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Evan Saunders, CEO & Co-Founder of Attract China, was interviewed on FOX News on Jan 19 regarding the rise of Chinese visitors to America.

The new reciprocal 10-year tourist visa between China and the U.S. will further boost America’s tourism industry. China is predicted to become the No.1 tourist source market for the U.S. by 2018 with the number of visiting Chinese hitting 100 million yearly.

Not only major cities like New York and Los Angeles are benefiting tremendously from the high-spending Chinese traveler. With new daily nonstop flights from China, smaller cities like Boston  are also seeing a large influx of Chinese travelers, which provides local businesses with a lucrative opportunity.

“By 2020, more Chinese will be visiting Boston than actually Bostonians living here,” said Evan Saunders.

Watch the video here.