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Attract China in Pacific Business News re Chinese Tourism Opportunities

September 3, 2014

Attract China and its Chinese-language website are introduced in the Pacific Business News article “Attract China wants Hawaii tourism companies to market to China” on September 2. The article talks about Attract China’s expansion into several new markets including Hawaii, Seattle, Chicago, etc., and the company’s expertise in marketing US cities to independent Chinese tourists.

From the article:

“There’s nothing like this in China,” said Elizabeth Carey, vice president of sales and marketing at Attract China, said.

The site hopes to be a resource for the emerging Chinese FIT (Free and Independent Traveler) and repeat visitors. The company brings together focus groups in Beijing to see what kind of information they want from the website. Carey said people in China know broad and general stories about North American cities, but they are slim on details.

Visit Pacific Business News for the full article.

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