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Attract China Published Mandarin Map of Chicago

June 18, 2015

Chicago Guide Cover MockupAs one the most popular travel destinations in the U.S., Chicago is home to iconic museums and attractions, world-class restaurants, retailers and hotels. Chicago O’Hare International Airport is the fifth busiest airport in the world, welcoming visitors from all over the globe, including China.

According to a recent China Daily article, among Chinese adults, awareness of Chicago is 76%, close to New York and Los Angeles, both of which have 85% recognition. By 2020, it is estimated more than 5 million Chinese visitors will travel to the U.S. from current levels of under 2 million. Chinese visitors stay an average of 9.8 nights in Chicago, spending over $5,000 per trip.

To facilitate Chinese tourists’ travel to Chicago, Attract China has created a Mandarin map of Chicago, the first of its kind, which retains the high quality, colorful design, and easy-to-use format of our widely welcomed Boston map published last year.

The passport-sized foldout map with red hardcover resonates well with independent Chinese tourists who want to stay longer and spend more in Chicago but don’t know what to do or how to get there. In addition to a detailed map of downtown Chicago, a transit map and a regional map, it also offers useful travel tips to better help Chinese visitors navigate Chicago and experience the best that the city has to offer. On the front cover of the map we included a QR code that leads Chinese users to our Mandarin travel portal – Xiao Yao, where they can find extensive travel information.

Chicago View IHere is a list of features of our Mandarin map of Chicago:

1. Colorful map of downtown Chicago

A beautifully designed, detailed map of downtown Chicago is featured on the main side, with popular shopping centers and iconic attractions translated into Mandarin; On the reverse side there is a CTA Rail System map and a regional map.

2. Diverse advertisers

28 advertisers promote themselves to Chinese travelers through our map, including Museum of Science and Industry, Kings Bowl America Rosemont & Lincoln Park, Fashion Outlets of Chicago, 360 Chicago, Bloomingdale’s Chicago, etc.

3. Large distribution

The map is distributed at 126 hotels, O’Hare airport, and both CVB Info booths (Chicago Cultural Center and Macy’s on State Street). It is also distributed at Hainan Airline’s counter in Beijing International Airport, thanks to our expanded partnership with Hainan Airlines.

Attract China Mandarin Map is the perfect companion piece for Chinese as they travel abroad, connecting them to the best restaurants, tours, attractions, shops, services and more. As we continue to expand across the U.S. we will develop and produce consistently high quality maps in other major cities. A Los Angeles map and a San Francisco map are now in the works.

If you are interested in reaching high-spending Chinese tourists, we encourage you to contact our sales department HERE to learn more about how your business may take advantage of this opportunity, or to simply ask for a copy to see for yourself.