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Attract China Quoted in Washington Post

October 2, 2015

DC947723-6C87-41B7-8FF7-78CA857EF3DE_副本Attract China was quoted in China Watch, a paid supplement to the Washington Post, on September 28, 2015. In the article entitled “Bilateral tourism offers cultural awakenings”, Attract China CEO Evan Saunders talked about the growing number of Chinese tourists to the US.

From the article:

“We see absolutely a continuing explosion of Chinese visiting the US,” said Evan Saunders, CEO and co-founder of Attract China, a Boston-based tourism company that works with businesses to promote deals to Chinese tourists. “This is not slowing down at all, and all the businesses we work with, including the hotels, continue to see this growth, both with recurrent bookings and future bookings much later this year.”

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