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Attract China’s Mandarin Map of Boston – New Edition Out!

October 8, 2014

There is a rapid increase in Chinese visitors, especially independent Chinese tourists, to the U.S. from year to year thanks to more direct flights and easier visa procedures. They want to stay longer and spend more in each U.S. city they visit, but the problem is that they don’t know what to do in a lot of cities, or how to get there. As a result, we often see Chinese tourists walking around the streets, lost, and trying to figure out where they are on an English map.

87Hb8ey2jW8VjacMfJonX5dLdd6MBztUw2VRoQXBk3c,NEdX-OGfuJzsbHkR-uH6b4jsDMC8dA5oNBw4VKIA8JATo facilitate Chinese tourists’ travel to the U.S., Attract China has created Mandarin maps of major U.S. cities, the first of its kind, starting from Boston. First released in April this year, our Boston map attracted immediate attention and was featured in major media outlets, such as The Boston Globe, China Daily, and China Central Television (CCTV). Inspired by the positive feedbacks, our team has stepped up efforts to come up with a new edition.

After 4 months of preparation and hard work on both China and U.S. side, we are now proud to present our new Mandarin map of Greater Boston!

Our new edition map retains the high quality, colorful design, and easy-to-use format of the first edition. The passport-sized foldout map with red hardcover resonates well with independent Chinese tourists. Moreover, it has been updated with many new features to better help Chinese visitors navigate Boston and experience the best that the city has to offer. The new edition of Boston map is more resourceful and will be distributed to larger audiences, thanks to our exciting partnership with Hainan Airlines, which launched a new direct flight between Boston and Beijing in June.

Here is a list of updates of the new map:

1. Regional Map

In addition to the city map and the transit map, the new edition also includes a regional map of New England on the back.

2.  New Advertisers

More than 30 advertisers promoted their businesses to Chinese tourists through our map. We purposely listed Boston landmarks that many Chinese people know next to lesser-known attractions.

3. Mayor’s Welcome Letter

The new map includes a welcome letter – it is, of course, translated into Chinese – from the Mayor Martin J. Walsh. Chinese tourists receive a warm welcome upon their arrival in Boston.

4. QR Code to Xao Yao Dao Portal

On the front cover of the map we added a QR code that leads Chinese users to our Mandarin travel portal – Xiao Yao, where they can find extensive travel information.

5. Larger Distribution

2.pic_hdWe printed 60,000 maps this round instead of 30,000 because of the high demand from local hotels, colleges/universities, airports, official information kiosks, and Chinatown. Our partnership with Hainan Airlines allows us to distribute 20k maps in Beijing at their check-in counter.

Attract China Mandarin Map is the perfect companion piece for Chinese as they travel abroad, connecting them to the best restaurants, tours, attractions, shops, services and more. As we continue to expand across the U.S. we will develop and produce consistently high quality maps in other major cities we operate in, including, Seattle, Chicago, Los Angeles, etc.

If you are interested in reaching high-spending Chinese tourists, we encourage you to contact our sales department here to learn more about how your business may take advantage of this opportunity, or to simply ask for a copy to see for yourself.