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Conference Table Has “Landed” in Attract China Office

October 25, 2014

In the early morning of Friday, October 24, the Attract China Boston team was eagerly standing by the window of the new office. No, we were not dazzled by the classic architecture in the Financial District – although we do have a great view. We were welcoming the arrival of our conference table!

The conference table is 5’ x 12’, and it fits perfectly in our boardroom – but not in the elevator. In order to move it to the fifth floor, our Office Manager, Sophie Hudson, organized the hire of a crane, police detail, and the removal of a window to fit the table through.

All the effort has finally paid off. With the conference table set up, we are now pleased to announce the completion of our new Boston office – 35 India St. Boston, MA 02110. We look forward to seeing and serving you at our greatly improved office surroundings!

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