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eHotelier features Attract China – Interview

October 11, 2013

“The Gateway to Chinese Travelers” – eHotelier features an interview with Evan Saunders, CEO of Attract China, regarding China’s fast-growing outbound travel market.

From the interview:

We hear a lot about China in terms of outbound travel. What are the numbers saying?

The numbers resonating from outbound Chinese travelers are staggering. Five years ago, they were barely making an impact on the world economy, but as of 2012, the United Nations World Tourism Organization has reported Chinese travelers spent a record $102 billion (US) on international tourism during the year, a 40% rise from $73 billion (US) in 2011. The numbers being predicted for 2015 and 2016 are so massive that, while sometimes people don’t believe them, they all point to one thing: this country of over a billion people loves to travel, see the world and experience life outside of its borders.

To view the full interview, please click here.