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Tencent in Partnership with Attract China Launches Boston Travel Show Online

December 11, 2014



Attract China, The Leading Gateway to the Chinese Traveler, has partnered with Tencent, China’s largest and most popular internet service portal, to develop a Mandarin-language travel show that showcases unique visitor experiences in key cities in America, the first one being Boston.

Now, the two-part show featuring Boston has launched, with Tencent expecting the show to receive millions of views and hundreds of millions of impressions. It is aimed at bringing awareness to the city of Boston and the experiences to be had here.

Each part of the show,  titled “Travel with Zuxin and Hong to Boston”,  is 25 minutes.  It was filmed in Boston at the end of October where hosts Ye Zuxin and Yuan Hong, two famous Chinese actors, partook in one-of-a-kind local experiences organized by Attract China. Businesses that have been working with Attract China, such as Pageo Jewelers, Alton Lane, Blue Man Group, and Blue Ginger, are featured in the first part of the show, while other partners, such as The Boston Celtics and Red Sox, are in the second part.

“The Attract China team has a unique understanding of the visitor experiences that are most appealing to the Chinese tourist,” said Ira Chou of Tencent. “This, coupled with their knowledge of the American tourism market, is incredibly valuable to our production team and viewership.”

“I love walking around in Boston,” said the host Hong in the show. “The vitality of the city is a mix of the classic and the modern, and Attract China has provided us excellent access to this destination.”

At the end of the episode, the host Hong introduced the Chinese New Year contest launched by Attract China on its Chinese online travel portal – XiaoYaoDao. The winner of this contest, with sponsors such as Hainan Airlines, Amtrak, CityPASS, Ghiradelli, Macy’s, Samsonite, and many others, will get a free 8-day trip for two to Boston and New York during the Chinese New Year in February 2015.

Below is a 60 Second Preview for the Show


Please visit for the full episode.

 Click the Image Below to See Attract China’s Chinese New Year Contest, Being Promoted by Tencent