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June 23, 2017
Making Chinese tourists feel at home in your business

As Chinese tourists choosing to visit the United States has increased, the number of potential issues has also increased. It is imperative that businesses catering to these travelers understand the problems they …

June 22, 2017
Report on Chinese Travel Cost to European and American Cities

Chinese citizens are traveling abroad as their incomes increase with the US and Europe as popular destinations. The choice of a destination depends on travel expenses which include the cost of hotels, …

June 20, 2017
The allure of RV travel in the U.S for Chinese tourists

Chinese tourists are traveling internationally at an astounding rate, due to improvements in airport infrastructure and the easing of government restrictions on travel abroad. An interesting trend that is not widely discussed …

June 17, 2017
7 Friendly Hotel Amenities That Attract Chinese Tourists

Chinese tourism growing by leaps and bounds. In 2015, the number of Chinese tourists visiting the United States increased by 18 percent to 2.59 million and spent $27 billion. What can your …

June 15, 2017
Chinese Medical Tourism in the US Skyrockets

Chinese medical tourism to the United States is skyrocketing.  As treatments have become too expensive or simply unavailable in China, people seeking medical attention have increasingly traveled to the US for health …

June 7, 2017
You Need to Know This Chinese Social Media Giant

While most western social media brands are banned throughout China, hundreds of millions of Chinese citizens use a single chinese social media platform: Wechat. Wechat has become the most successful Chinese social …

May 27, 2017
David Becker on Chinese outbound tourism in the US

CEO of Attract China David Becker share his thoughts on Chinese outbound tourism to the US. Join us for the interview to learn about trends inChinese outbound tourism and how you promote …

May 23, 2017
Helping US Retails Attract Chinese Customers

With Chinese tourists in the U.S. projected to reach 186 million arrivals in 2020, or about $340 billion in annual tourist spending, American retailers are being encouraged to adjust their consumer and marketing strategies to tap …

May 23, 2017
Main Chinese Couples Traveling Trends

Trends among Chinese couples traveling have been changing in recent years. While some still choose to travel in large, organized tours, many are opting for a more personal and unique experience. A …

April 10, 2017
David Becker on China US tourism via CGTN America

Attract China’s CEO Mr. David Becker share his thoughts on China US tourism. …

August 8, 2016
Philadelphia Magazine Partners With Attract China To Reach Affluent Chinese Travelers

Philadelphia magazine and Attract China announced a partnership to reach Chinese tourists and Chinese nationals living in Philadelphia with the magazine’s award-winning content, Attract China’s travel website, (Happy Travel) and high-quality, …

April 8, 2016
David Becker on China-US tourism

The year of 2016 was declared the year of China-US tourism. Join Attract China CEO David Becker and hear his thoughts on Chinese outbound tourism and growth of Chinese tourism market. …

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