The Attract China Mandarin Printed Map Program

Attract China creates the highest of quality Mandarin printed maps of cities and locations.
Our team of experts designs, develops, prints, and ships our maps globally.

Market Overview

Today, Chinese outbound tourism is the fastest growing travel segment in the world, with the US as their top
destination. In 2018, 3 million Chinese travelers will visit the USA, many of whom will be repeat visitors. While
Chinese are already the #1 international traveler worldwide, by 2020, travel from China will become the leading
overseas visitors to the US. But most importantly, Chinese are the world’s biggest spenders, and many of them know
very little about where to go, how to get around, or the best places to spend their money in cities around-the-world;
Attract China printed Mandarin maps help with exactly that.

“In 2012, Chinese tourists spent over $102 billion on tourism activities outside of China.” – UN World Tourism Association

Top Expenditures Include

Attract China‘s Printed Mandarin Maps are THE essential tool for Chinese travelers. These high quality, portable,
pocket-sized maps are truly the best Mandarin language maps being produced specifically for Chinese travelers –
don’t just ask us, ask Chinese travelers. Even CCTV News, China’s largest news agency, promoted them as such.

Attract China‘s maps showcase the best of each city or market, promoting restaurants, tours, attractions, shops,
services and more with a friendly and easy-to-use format.

We print 60,000 – 100,000 copies of each map for each city, and distribute them in China at major travel agencies,                            and tour operators, and in the USA via hotels, colleges/universities, airports, official information kiosks,                                  and Chinatowns (where available).

Our Mandarin Map is the perfect companion piece for Chinese as they travel abroad. We encourage you to contact
our sales department to learn more about how your business may take advantage of this opportunity, or to simply
ask for a copy to see for yourself.

“We are thrilled with the reaction of the new Mandarin Map of Greater Boston! Our Chinese guests find it very useful and in fact, plan to take it home as their personal souvenir. Thank you Attract China for making my job a little bit easier when greeting our Chinese guests to the Seaport Hotel”.

Betty Salemme, Chief Concierge, Seaport Hotel and President of Greater Boston Concierge Association

Attract China Mandarin Language Maps are distributed throughout cities
at the following locations

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